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Greetings Berit Student!

At Berit, we believe God has a wonderful plan and purpose for our students.

Welcome to "Berit Theological Seminary" and our website.  Berit is a wonderful school founded for the purpose of teaching, training and developing Church Leaders for the Ministry to the call of Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist, MIssionary, Elder, Deacon or Sunday School Teacher.

  Students choose "BERIT" for many reasons, one of many being the depth and content of each Lecture, Study and Research Class.  Berit uses Cutting-Edge Technology to present or broadcast classes to both On Campus and Distance Education Students. Use of this technology makes BERIT the right choice for working men and women.  Internet Broadcast of lectures at BERIT are particularly beneficial for those who hold full-time jobs whio must work to support their Ministry and their family.

I assure you that BERIT is very affordable and we do offer help to students needing to make special payment arrangements for their Tuition.

Student's with full-time jobs who would find it difficult to attend rigid and inflexible on-campus schedules are afforded our self-paced alternative.  TRadtionally, Seminary's require full-time students to attend both Day and Evening Classes for their higher degrees, and these are based on the availability of Professors, Classrooms and of course, Students.

  How Does BERIT help? Berit students enjoy the liberty of study in an atmosphere and forum conducive and friendly to their life style and work schedules.  At BERIT Class Schedules do not have to conflict with the student's needs.  This does not lessen the quality of the classes? Rather! It enhances them and students are really enabled to learn!

Our Webinar Education Programs are very practical.  We pre-record every Professors presentation and use Internet BroadcastingTechnology called "Video on Demand".  This new "Broadcasting Technology" allows the school and the student great flexibility and brings our virtual classroom right to the Students Desk or Living Room through use of a Personal Computer, Mobile Phone or similar device.   Broadcasts are device friendly!

What I think is even more exciting and beneficial is perhaps is the fact our students can view and review any class repeatedly, to be certain they have understood the Professors presentations, before writing papers or doing exams.

Finally, the Faculty at Berit are a group of select Theologians from around the world, who possess not only an in-depth knowledge of the Truths of God's Word and Prophetic Mysteries, but are also well traveled, well read and have talents in a myriad of Christian Works and Ministries.

I believe you will find that Berit Seminary is a great institution where you can attain the Great Christian Education and preparation you are seeking.

On behalf of the Berit Staff, allow me to assure you, it is our prayer that God will use this school to powerfully prepare you for the work He has called you to in the ministry.



Dr. Philip Lee
President, Berit Theological Seminary Inc.

What Our Students Say

“It opens the Word up, like I have never seen, before!”

Alisha Gimenez Alisha Gimenez

“It's as if the Word of God is alive!”

Gabriel Newton Gabriel Newton

“BERIT has allowed my spiritual eyes to be opened to the amazing work that God has been fulfilling since the beginning of time.”

Sarah Newton Sarah Newton

Your future starts now!